Elodie & Christophe

A Colorful Wedding at Chateau de Vignee

PhotographyElisabeth Van Lent | Wedding Venue: Chateau de Vignee |Wedding Planning, Design and Floral Work: La Sensa | Party band: Cookies and Cream | Wedding dress and veil: Bloomfeld | Hostesses: Prime Impressions | Make-up: Sarra Feriani | Stationary: Elisa Guarraci and La Sensa | Tent: Altiro Tenten | Storyteller: Elisa Guarraci | Live band reception: The Starlight Band | Live music dinner: Damien Flood | Bridal shoes: Morobé | Groom and groomsmen attire: Ogér

Wedding Reception Styling and Design Belgium Weddingplanner La Sensa
Chateau de Vignee Wedding Photographer Best Wedding Photographer Belgium
Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready Chateau de Vignee Wedding Photographer Brussels
Chateau de Vignee Wedding Photographer Best Wedding Photographer Belgium

Elodie and Christophe’s wedding day at Chateau de Vignee was a dream come true. Nestled in the heart of the Ardennes, the chateau provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration of love and unity. With my heart lying in the hills of the Ardennes and as a homeowner there, I was completely in my element as their wedding photographer.

As their wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every moment of their special day. From the heartfelt ceremony to the joyous reception, every detail was documented with care and precision. Working alongside La Sensa, one of the most esteemed wedding planners in Belgium, we ensured that every aspect of the day was flawlessly executed. From the vibrant decor to the exquisite cuisine, Chateau de Vignee and La Sensa’s work exceeded all expectations.

For Elodie and Christophe, the pillars of their wedding celebration were exquisite cuisine, quality wine, and a symphony of melodies. Their love for savoring life’s pleasures translated into a choice of Chateau de Vignée, a venue that seamlessly combined charm, elegance, and lush greenery. The reception overlooking the Lesse River set the stage for a day filled with delightful moments.

Breaking away from traditional norms, Elodie and Christophe embraced a vibrant color palette dominated by various shades of rose and orange. Their summer wedding became a canvas adorned with lively hues, reflecting Elodie’s love for color and creating an atmosphere that radiated positivity and warmth. The ceremony and reception were filled with a sea of floral arrangements and greenery. Wedding planner La Sensa went the extra mile for the couple to live their colorful floral dreams. As a fine art wedding photographer, sometimes there is the misconception that I prefer light and blush tones in weddings. In fact, I actually love to capture bright colors at a wedding. Yes, I love a light setting, but combine that with a bright colored accent, that’s what makes it interesting! So I can say yes: as your wedding photographer in Belgium, I absolutely love it if you incorporate color into your wedding design.

Elodie’s wedding gown, a creation from Bloomfeld, embodied her desire for uniqueness. The moment she tried on the third dress, a creation from Bloomfeld’s own collection, she felt an undeniable warmth, sealing the deal. I was in awe of her couture wedding gown the entire day; it made my job extra hard not to forget everything else that was happening that day. As you may have read on my about me page, I love haute couture, and Elodie’s dress made my fashion photographer’s heart jump with joy.

Christophe, opting for quality, chose his wedding attire from the renowned Oger, highlighting the importance of craftsmanship on their special day.

The bridal party continued the theme, with bridesmaids adorned in various shades of rose, orange, and gold. The groomsmen, in attire mirroring Christophe’s, created a visually harmonious ensemble that added to the overall vibrancy of the celebration.

They celebrated it the way they wanted, with all of their friends and family. Over 200 guests attended the wedding from start to finish. While this was a big group of people, it still felt like an intimate gathering of all the people they loved and knew. It was one big feast of smiles, sunshine, and happiness throughout the day.

The couple’s love for music and dance permeated every aspect of their celebration. Cookies and Cream, a dynamic party band, set the stage for an evening of lively beats, while a pianist and singer during dinner turned the celebration into an impromptu dance fest. The joyous atmosphere continued into the early hours, creating unforgettable memories.

Their wedding day was a testament to the beauty of love and the magic of Chateau de Vignée. And as their wedding photographer, it was an honor to be part of their special day, preserving memories that will last a lifetime.

Cookies and Cream Party Band for Weddings in Belgium, photographed by the best wedding Photographer in Belgium Elisabeth Van Lent
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In one word: WOOOOW. They are truly gorgeous! Stunning photos of a very special day. It’s so nice to have such beautiful photos as a memory. We are very happy that we chose you! Thanks again!!

Elodie & Christophe

Chateau de Vignee Wedding Photographer Best Wedding Photographer Belgium